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The Firm

VIGILANT Capital Management is a private wealth management firm specializing in progressive investment and wealth planning solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each client. Our purpose is to guide our clients in managing their wealth in such a way that it positively impacts their lives and the lives of future generations. We work with high net worth individuals and families, as well as select non-profit and institutional organizations. Vigilant was founded in early-2002 and is an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

Our value proposition:

  • Independent, objective thinking that focuses on the investment and wealth planning needs of our clients and that is unencumbered by the conflicts of interest present for managers with financial company affiliates
    • We are a privately-held company and, as such, we are beholden only to our clients; we sell no products and believe in transparency in all client relations
  • A level of communication, attention and responsiveness that can only be delivered by a firm that works with a select group of clients
    • Our ratio of clients to professionals is well under 25:1; by managing both the number and type of clients we serve, we ensure that each client has access to our best thinking
  • A fiduciary relationship
    • We adhere to a fiduciary standard, which means we put our clients’ interests ahead of our own
  • A global investment strategy designed and executed according to each client’s unique goals and objectives
    • With preservation of principal as our central investment tenet, we focus on risk as well as reward
  • A comprehensive wealth-planning program that assists each client in organizing and monitoring complex financial affairs
    • In essence, we function as our clients’ personal CFO