Our Team


Wealth Advisory Services

The Wealth Advisor is responsible for servicing our client families and engaging them in our comprehensive wealth-planning process. In serving our clients, the Wealth Advisor is responsible for establishing a relationship with our client families so that we understand what each family is trying to accomplish from a financial perspective. With this knowledge, the Wealth Advisor is better able to engage each family in extensive, holistic wealth planning, the primary purpose of which is to establish a context within which each client’s portfolio is managed. This typically includes interaction with our clients’ advisors, including their CPAs, corporate and estate-planning attorneys and insurance providers. Each client relationship is matched with a Wealth Advisor.

Investment Management

The Portfolio Manager is responsible for two primary functions: portfolio management and investment research. In serving our client families, the Portfolio Manager is responsible for the design, implementation and active management of separately-managed investment portfolios, following the strategic guidance provided by the Firm’s Investment Policy Committee (IPC). Each Portfolio Manager serves as a member of the Firm’s IPC and may be an active contributor to the investment-research process; in that capacity, the Portfolio Manager is responsible for fundamental research and analysis of equity and credit securities within specific sectors of the financial markets. Each client relationship is matched with a Portfolio Manager.

Client Relationship Administration

The Client Relationship Associate is responsible for the myriad administrative tasks associated with our client relationships. The interaction between our clients and their Client Relationship Associate begins with the account opening paperwork and deepens from there. In the client-service role, the Client Relationship Associate is a key link to the custodian of client assets and orchestrates money movement activities on our clients’ behalf, as well as many other administrative tasks. Working directly with the client Wealth Advisor, the Client Relationship Associate plays an integral role in the wealth advisory process and the implementation of certain planning outcomes. Each client relationship is matched with a Client Relationship Associate.


The operational function of the firm is broken down into three functional areas, Investment Operations, Information Technology and Business Operations.

Business Operations

The Operations Associate provides general office and internal facing support in the areas of business and investment operations, technology, compliance, and marketing.

Investment Operations

The Investment Operations Manager oversees the firm's portfolio accounting, trade order management and performance reporting systems.